• PLC Industry control system
    • Human-machine interface
    • Dynamic monitoring system in operational mode
    • Motor drive in common frequancy conversion with double main shafts
    • Observation system for yarn break
    • Infrared echelette protection system
    • Auto rolling device and fabric checking system
    • Large vertical double-station creel
    • The whole machine is built of sand-cast pig iron
    • Self-lubricating circulate system
    • Whole machine with needles from Groz-Beckert
          DYT-02 gantry tufting machine is the special purpose machinery for making wall to wall carpets, daily-used mats, printing carpets and car mats. There are two kinds of 2 meter & 4 meter widths.also can be ordered cut pile,loop pile, single raw needle or double raw needles staggered tufting as customer’s requirements. The features of simple operation, few breakdown and long life make it an essential and most ideal machine for making tufting carpet both at home and aboard.