• Three rollers jacquard tufting system
    • Servo shogging system
    • Digital air cylinder system in single step shogging(optional)
    • Digital drawing roller(optional)
    • Servo stitch infinitely variable control
    • Servo control system for backing tensioning
    • Advanced control cabinet
    • Independent industrial process control system
    • Human-machine interface
    • Dynamic monitoring system in operational mode
    • Stepless control for multi pile height
    • Motor drive in common frequancy conversion with double main shafts
    • Observation system for yarn break
    • Infrared echelette protection system
    • Tufting design changing system
    • The whole machine is built of sand-cast pig iron
    • Auto rolling device and fabric checking system
    • Large vertical double-station creel
    • The whole machine is built of sand-cast pig iron
    • Self-lubricating circulate system
        Jacquard tufting machine with three roller is the economic computerized jaquard machine with proprietary intellectual property rights which the develop department in Guangdong Dayang carpet Machinery factory Co., Ltd . makes every effort to dive into reserching and developing to meet the requirement on market. The research team practices multi-directional reaserch in tufting technology, system platform, operating software & control system to fill in a gap in domestic market through the features of products such as high efficiency, stability, good quality and etc. It’s technical target and intelligentized standard are as synchronous as the top-end technology around the world.
        This type of machine adopts three rollers to proceed the jacquard control along with the tufting design system with proprietary intellectual property rights, The control technology is self-developed and based on the Chinese intelligence, The touch human-machine interface make it possible for the operator to control the tufting technology at their wills. The unique mode of operation of the dynamic monitoring system can monitor the operation of the tufting machine which puts the performance into fullplay. Infra-red security machine guards provide more humanization security guarantee for the operator.The alternative network jacquard computerized digital control technology is straightly reflected on the delicate surface of the tufting carpet. With advanced Servo control system, its control ability is the outstanding feature of similar models.Unlimited jacquard control from the whole breadth to multi pile height with single yarn, provides various choices for you.