• Human-Machine interface automation control system, with high proficiency.
    • Caution system for operation of facility,safely & fitting.
    • Tufting system for wall to wall carpet,break through limitation.
    • Manual fine adjustment system, precise & particular
    • Complete Servo control system, artificial intellegence.
    • Automatic system for changing gun,simple & efficient.
    • Observation system for yarn break,quality guarantee.
    • Imitating handmade tufting system,creation impetus.
        Intelligent bionic tufting manipulator is a hign-tech newest product developed bu Guangdong dayang carpet Machinery factory Co., Ltd. The design of Physical construction which through imitating arm of human, adopting form of polar coordinates robot, calculating the working space accurately in high speed by three shoulder joints, Under the field programmable system platform which is autonomously exploited, the manipulator can operate fully by controlling program of task level and device level, from the Stand-alone motion control to coordinate movements of multimachine. According to the technology of carpet design information handling program and motion control software which imitate the thinking of human, the automatic tufting gun changing system can automatically changing yarns of different colours which are installed in advance. So as to achieving the most important technical guarantee for the manipulator continuously works automatically.
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