• Portable type, moveable & flexible
    • Simple operation, Easy to master
    • High speed tufting, High efficiency
    • Exquisite structure, Easy to be repaired
    • Hand tufted, Precision work
    • Excellent function,High efficiency & economy
        ZQ-II electric tufting gun is a portable type electric tufting machine with high speed stitching and free turning. It is suitable for moveable active working method and can tuft various designs freely, the production efficiency is 80-100 times than that of manual, it’s a multi functional special purpose machine.
        All kinds of technical qualification pass the examination by the quality inspection department every year.the product standard is already put in record. Easy master, simple operation,long life and convenience to repair, It is one kind of indispensable special facilities for the carpet industry to march toward the mordenization production.Meanwhile it is a great change to the traditional hand woven carpet.